Blake Ross, Story of The Firefox Swordsman

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If you are a person who always go online everyday. You must be familiar with Mozilla Firefox, one of the leading browsers in the virtual world. In fact, many people usually use this browser to browsing internet. But did you know  if the Mozilla Firefox browser was initiated by a teenager?

If you did not know about this. Let Entrepreneur Success Stories tells you about this amazing guy behind the successful of Mozilla Firefox become most favourite browser for netter.

Blake Ross was born in Miami, Florida. He joined Netscape as an apprentice at the age of 14 years. Then he joined Stanford University Stanford University.

Blake Ross is a young genius who created the Mozilla, internet explorer facilities. Mozilla released to the public in November 2004. At that time, Blake was 19 years old boy!

Browser Mozilla Firefox is initiated by a 15-year-old teenager, Blake Ross. The reason young people born June 12, 1985 is simple: To help his mother. The mother Abby Ross, often complained that she used the browser,  Internet Explorer, its performance is really disappointing. The mother was upset when she could not make a bookmark, and could not get rid of the ads that appear at the top of the browser (pop-up ads). The mother also did not know how to deal with viruses that often break into Internet Explorer.

Eager to help his mother, Ross started to learn programming. At night, he learned HTML, web programming language and then Microsoft Visual Basic, which can create simple applications. He then began to actively take part in the Mozilla community, which is based on open-source.

Ross who first created his own site when he was 10 years, later was offered an internship at Netscape Communications Corporation. At the age of 15, was escorted ibunnya, Ross moved from Florida to California. Netscape is one of the pioneers in the browser world is finally excluded because of competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

 In 1998, Netscape released all the code to open-source software, which allows anyone to tamper with the code.
Ross was seriously pursue lebi Netscape code. "It was in Netscape's all broke, and was not having the strength to defeat Internet Explorer," said Ross.

Mozilla Phoenix

On a summer evening, Ross is involved intensive discussion with Dave Hyatt, a senior engineer at Netscape. they proved to have a dream-ita and the same view. Namely the need for a browser which is more simple, accessible and safe.

They decided to develop a code of Netscape and create a new Mozilla-based browser. Browser bar is given NAA Phoenix and Mozilla officially launched in September 2002, when Ross was 17 years old. Mozilla Phoenix has a number of interesting features, more stable and faster.

Phoenix is a bird's name is told in the legend reborn after burning to ashes. Phoenix is symbolic name of the new version of Netscape reborn. Unfortunately the name Mozilla Phoenix could not stay long in use after the objections of Phoenix Technologies which holds the copyright to the name Phoenix. Hyatt  and Ross then converting the name to Mozilla Firebird.

"But there is an open source database called Firebird. So the camp was forced to change the name again. At that time we decided to use istila 'fire' in nam who will dgunakan. After many months, finally there is someone who sparked the name Firefox. We thought name it's pretty good. We also like the Firefox name, which is actually means a red-skinned  for pandas in China. "Ross added.

November 2004 they launched Firefox 1.0. Some programmer then joined to improve Mozilla Firefox, like Ben Goodger,23, engineers from Zealand, Chris Messina a 22-year-old programmer and Howard Dean, a long acting d field of website development.

Ross and his team work together to popularize Mozilla Firefox. They created a logo for Firefox, in the form of the earth wrapped in fire fox. They also launched a community called SpreadFirefox.

From around the world they try to introduce Firefox fans with less unique in its own way sometimes. For example, put a banner that said 'get Firefox' in the Danish parliament building, deploying Firefox cards in an anti-Bush campaign in England, and put up posters in Taiwan. For ten days nominally funds of U.S. $ 200,000 which was used as a full-page ad in The New York Times.

Firefox finally known in June 2005 after the U.S. Department of Homelang Security issued a warning Internet Explorer vulnerability and proposed Internet users to search for alternative browsers, only Safari and Firefox, a lot of people then try Firefox.

Even the Microsoft-owned site, Slate, helped popularize Firefox. "We're using Firefox for a week," wrote Flate, "and we've forgotten Exporer."

Less than a year after its launch Firefox has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Firefox slowly but surely become a serious threat to Internet Explorer. Moreover, as part of open source projects, Firefox always updated by thousands of programmers working together.

Microsoft's Nightmare

Firefox's popularity makes Ross, the architect of Firefox live in the spotlight. Ross and his Firefox soon become Microsoft's biggest nightmare. Yet when Ross created the Firefox main goal is not to compete with the Explorer.

Until late 2010, according to data released by StatCounter, Firefox is used 32% of Internet users around the world and still be a serious competitor for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is used approximately 49% of internet users.
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