Aodhan Cullen, Successful Young Millionaire From Web Analytics


As the Internet has become a lifestyle, statistical data related to visitor traffic to blogs and websites are very important. Especially for your site or blog that is used as a vehicle to get money. By knowing the accurate statistical data, the various steps of development can be done.

That is what underlies the Aodhan Cullen of StatCounter. Remarkably, Cullen realized the business potential of this web statistical analysis when he was 16 years old! Now Cullen is successful entrepreneur online business and great young entrepreneur.Read closely what Entrepreneur Success Stories want to tell you about him, learn it, explore it, and make your your own business after you get some inspiration from this successful entrepreneur.

Cullen, born in Dublin, Ireland in 1983 was probably destined to become entrepreneurs. When he was 12 years, he has started a business typing a resume (Curriculum Vitae / CV).
"There was a doctor who asked me to type a resume of his life. I think this could be a business. So then I offer a typing service resumes. I think that's okay for a 12-years-old boy, "said Cullen.

When he was 16 years old, Cullen opened the web design business. When finished make web, customers repeatedly asked that question, then, is whether they visited the website.
In order to satisfy customers, Cullen then trying to find software that can be statistically explained what happened on the website. "Once the customers expressed satisfaction with the statistical data that I have to say, came the idea to create a special service on web statistics."

And so was born StatCounter. At that time, in 1999, many people make a website with a considerable investment. But they did not know whether the website visited by people who made ​​it. StatCounter presented for about providing answers, "said Cullen.

Firm principles
Cullen started StatCounter from his home. He handles StatCounter on the sidelines of schooling. Although still young, Cullen had a firm principle of the business. He do not want to run a business using the capital owed​​. "So I started using their own capital. I also reduce costs. Slowly we began to develop because the ads started to go. StatCounter is really a profitable business since 2003, "said Cullen. After StatCounter start earning profits, Cullen makes an office in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin.

As a young businessman, Cullen did not encounter significant obstacles type in the early stages of running StatCounter. Because he did not have to face to face with users, many costumers do not know if the person behind StatCounter is a teenager. "Many people have thought that if StatCounter is a great company run by many adults. They do not know if the managers is a teenager. So generally I do not get into trouble, "said Cullen.

The only difficulty is obtained when the Cullens have to pay for hosting costs to the United States. Because he was only 16 years old, his request to get a credit card is declined by the bank. "Having to persuade his father to lend me his credit card, with the promise that I will return the penny to penny. After 18, I have no longer find significant problems, "said Cullen.

Google Analytics
StatCounter which makes it distinct advantages with other similar services is the ability to provide current data in real time. This means that users can immediately find out what happened to the website or its website at that time. Users can find out how many visits, where visitors come from, what pages are viewed and keywords used when came to your site or blog.
"Because a lot of money to the party who investing on website, then by looking at the statistics they can find out if the investment is worth it or they do not. Statistical data is also very important for advertising, "said Cullen.

With features real time, Cullen did not flinch despite having to compete with several parties who offer similar services, especially Google Analytics which is free. "Excess StatCounter than Google Analytic data is real time and is very simple. It is not owned by Google Analytics. Because Google Analytics is presented the data of three or four hours earlier. Google Analytics is also not easy to apply, "said Cullen.

Moreover, according to Cullen, Google Analytics is integrated with AdWords advertising service. "So the main purpose of Google Analytics is essentially a business. While the ultimate goal is to give StatCounter the real time data, "said Cullen.

StatCounter Site
Most of the free StatCounter service and working with online systems. Users who want to get a more detailed statistical data, must pay some money, which ranged between U.S. $ 9 to U.S. $ 29 per month. StatCounter income in addition to premium services also comes from advertising.

Prestigious Award
As one of the leading website statistics service, Cullen has earned many prestigious awards. He has been named 'Young IT Person of the Year' at the ICT Excellence Awards in 2007, as the 'Internet Hero' at the Eircom Golden Spider Awards event in 2008 dan'Young European Entrepreneur of the Year 'version of Businessweek.

Statements and analyzes are disclosed in Cullen's StatCounter blog also frequently cited a number of leading media. Moreover, Cullen always looks at various trends that occur in the online world.

In the midst of intense competition, with his StatCounter. Cullen continues to be an integral part in online business. Accuracy and high confidence in the user makes StatCounter demanded various company. Both those who want to invest and who are interested to buy StatCounter.

But Cullen firmly rejects all the 'temptation' is. "I still want to raise this company. Moreover, StatCounter has become a lucrative business since the beginning. I want to continue to provide the best for the users, "said Cullen.

Cullen that up to now living in Dublin with his wife Jenni, a role model of young Europeans about the importance of developing new ideas and emerging as a teenager.

For nearly 11 years in StatCounter, Cullen has earned a net profit of more than U.S. $ 30 million.
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