14 Success Tips from Will Smith for Entrepreneur.

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Who does not know Will Smith? One of the rare people who can succeed in the three most popular media industries: film, television, and music. Will Smith is able to subvert the stigma black Hollywood movies only white domination. 

Will Smith, currently listed as actor Hollywood's biggest income. He was also the first actor to eight consecutive films could reach over $ 100 million in revenue.

Want to know the secret of success of the phenomenal Will Smith? Here are 14 success tips from Will Smith for beginner entrepreneur only at Entrepreneur Success Stories

1. Love life
"I have the time and opportunity are so great in my life .I love living and it is very meaningful in life.That's something that you can't fake"

2. Greatness is in every human being
"Greatness is not something so extraordinary, the esoteric (only certain people can understand), and the things that other nonsense that only a few among us will ever take it. Greatness is something that actually exists in every human being."

3. We can be whatever we want
"We did not grow up in environments that teach us what we used to be different than who we are later. We were raised to believe in who you are in the past that you, and you will not be anything better."

4. There are no shortcuts to success
"The biggest mistake is people are trying to equate the difference between talent and skill. Talent is something you got naturally, while the skills / abilities can only be developed through practice and struggle from day to day, month after month, year to year to become proficient in a field.What distinguished between I and alot of people?When people sleeping,i'm working. When people eating,I'm working."

"There is no easy way to success. If you do not work so hard, was reluctant to think, and dedicate yourselves to getting better from day to day."

5. Complete the work within a time
"Do not ever say I'm going to build a wall. You will set up a wall. You tdak to say," I will build the walls of the largest, greatest wall in the world. "But let's say out loud," I will put this brick perfectly as the brick can be laid. I will do it everyday, soon I have a wall."

6. Focus to make a difference
"I want to do all things well. I always hoped the world would be better because I've been born into the world ini.That's why I always try to differ from most of people. If you live not to make other people's lives better, then you have wasted your time "

7. Develop ideas
"I want to develop ide. I always believed I could make anything I want to create"

8. You must BELIEVE
"The first step before the whole world to believe is you have to believe in advance about what you do. There is no reason to run a plan B because you simply run the plan A. Those who say CAN and CAN NOT, both are true . "

9. Nothing is Unrealistic
"Being realistic is a toll road to be the average person. Why are we being realistic? What is the importance of being realistic? There is no great thing that came because we realistic. Chase it no matter how unrealistic dream you have. And wait, the universe will help you. "

10. Our minds are real
"Our mind is the center of the universe. Universe was working at the will of our mind.Our mind is real.Use your thought to think of anything good. Our mind has an extraordinary power. Specify your choice, decide: Want to be? Want to like what ? Who are you then?
Decide, and since you specify your decision throughout the universe works to realize your decision to be real. "

11. You need to really focus
"I'm a little understanding to be successful you must determine your path of thousands of possible paths to reach success. There are thousands of road and you can not pass all the way .You can only choose some.But you better choose one only, and then you just have to give all the best of your ability in a way. "

12. opponents fear
"I always hate to fear. Fear to do something new. That's why I always try to fight all the fear."

13. Stand for truth even if it means die
"There is no reason to be afraid just because you did the right thing. Although I have to die I must not hesitate and fear to do the truth."

14. Keep Your dreams
"Do not ever let anyone tell you can not do some. If you have a dream, you have to protect it. If you want something. Go get it."

That's all 14 success tips from Will SMith for those who wants to be an success entrepreneur. If you already success do not hesitate to call us at Entrepreneur Sucess Stories then we will post your success stories.
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