Purdi E Chandra, Success Story From Crazy Entrepreneur

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Do not call yourself an entrepreneur before you learn something from this guy! This man was born in Lampung, 52 years ago. This we would like to discuss how a drop out student could turn his destiny into one of weathiest man in Indonesia

Today, Purdi E. Chandra well-known as a successful businessman. Tutoring Institute (Bimbel) which he founded Primagama even entered the Indonesian Museum of Records because it successfully has almost 500 branches spread across Indonesia. In fact, now Primagama has become a holding company that oversees more than 20 subsidiaries.

A nation of children's work is amazing!

Unnecessary Entrepreneurial Degree
For Purdi E. Chandra, everyone can become entrepreneurs. In a family, education enterpreuner true best inculcated since childhood. this future will be a way of thinking and way of behavior of children in their future. However, according Purdi things that are not critical success. Similarly, the age factor, rich-poor, genius or not, also the formal title. 

Sell ​​Motor for Venture Capital

A successful entrepreneur in no way determined by degree. This is believed to Purdi when new build his business. Indeed, the brilliance of his mind no doubt, and this is evident when he enrolled in 4 different majors, Psychology, Electronics, English Literature and Pharmacy at the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) and IKIP Yogya.

Because it does not feel that anything with a pattern of his college, he decided to leave college and decided to pursue business. His belief is that, failing a bachelor's degree does not mean failing to achieve my goals. Since then the man born Punggur, Central Lampung began sharpening his business intuition. He sees the high enthusiasm of students who want to get into a prestigious public universities.

Finally came the idea to establish tutoring that is named, Primagama. 

From the sale of the bike for 300 thousand dollars, Purdi start Bimbel Primagama, by renting a small place and partitioned into two. Initially difficult, students only 2 people. The cost is only 50 thousand for two months.

Two years Purdi trying to build its business, and eventually became known and his student Primagama is greatly increased. Not satisfied until there, Purdi also innovate to improve the quality of this educational institution.

Over time, the better reputation Primagama. And start Primagama developed branches in Bandung, Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia.

Innovation of franchise or franchise system began to be developed. Among such Pekanbaru, Sampit and Tangerang has opened with a franchise concept. Purdi believes, that local brands can grow with the franchise system, not limited to food products only.

Employers and Dreams

Purdi declare an entrepreneur must have the courage to dream, dare to try, dare to go abroad, and the brave dare to fail successfully. Essentially, an entrepreneur must have the courage.

According Purdi, dare to dream is a blueprint of a future vision of an entrepreneur. The dream will give encouragement to someone for trying with all his ability to achieve that vision.

Failure or success can not be separated, and both are different sides. The attitude in the face of a critical failure. Purdi has ever failed, he confessed that he had 10 times failed when creating a Padang restaurant. But he did not give up until there. For Purdi, the experience of failure can be used to discover new strengths in order to achieve success in the future.

Entrepreneurial style recipe Purdi

Purdi claimed to have potent recipe for those who want to entrepreneurship, which is torn, BOTTLE and collapse. What is it? According to him, this recipe handy for those who feel hesitant and too many calculations in the attempt which even impede their plans for entrepreneurship.

For people who are confused when starting a business because they have no capital, just use that windfall recipe Brave, Optimistic, Money, Other People. In business takes courage and optimism. If you do not have money would not hurt if borrowed from another person. There must be people who wanted to finance a business that will be run if it is prospective.

If we have money and capital but are not experts in the field of business, use the jutsu BOTTLE, said Purdi. Brave, Optimistic, Power, Others. If we have the capital, why do not we leave it to the experts in the field so that the business is still running. In short we do not have to use its own personnel to run the business.

Last recipe is the moment collapse. the Brave, Optimistic, Business, People, Other. This is issued if the business idea did not exist then we can imitate someone else's business Purdi added. Proverbial, business is like stepping into the bathroom that is with not much thinking. If the bathroom is less warm water, can all be arranged to our liking.

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